In October 2003, Noh Artist Shigeya Kimura started
  Asukayama Takiginoh.
  Mr. Kimura wanted to use his Noh talents as a means
  of giving back to the city of Kita, his hometown.
  This year marks the group's 15th performance.
  The performances, set on a stage illuminated by
  bonfires and Japanese traditional candles, invite you
  into a twilight world filled with nature and history
       ■ Asukayama Complete view(PDF)
 ・The 15th Asukayama Takigi Noh Guidance It published.
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  Kyogen FutariBakama  Mansaku Nomura
Mansai Nomura

  Noh Dai-Hannya Chitoshi Matsuki
  Date  Wednesday, October 4, 2017  
    Doors :5:30 pm  Curtain :6:30 pm
  Venue  Outdoor Stage,Asukayama Park   
    In case of rain,the show will be held at Hokuto pia SAKURA hall.
(JR Keihin-Tohoku Line/Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line 5,minutes on foot from Oji Station)
  Tickets SS 8,500yen / S 6,500yen / A 4,500yen / B 3,000yen 
(All seats reserved)    
Seat map
   Tickets On Sale June 8,Thursday   
    Ticket Pia
P-code :459-235  
  *The above P-code may also be used to purchase
  tickets at Seven-Eleven or Circle K Sunkus.
Tickets are also available at the box office on the 1st floor of Hokuto pia.(Open 10:00 am-8:00pm) 


  Remarks Yokohama Nohgakudo
  Masayuki Nakamura
Purification HeadPriest   Mitushige Yagi
Opening Ceremony-Lighting of the Bonfire Kita City Mayer   Yosouta Hanakawa
Chairman of Educational
Board of Kita City
  Hiroyasu Seisyo
    Chairman of Kita City
Noh song Association
  Mituo Ito
    Chairman of Asukayama
TakigiNoh Executive
  Shinnichi Ozaki
Kyougen : Futari-Bakama Syuuto(Father-in-low)   Mansak Nomura
  Mansai Nomura
Tarokaja   Haruo Tsukisima
     Muko(Son-in-law)   Ren Naito
     guardianship   Taichiro Nomura
-Intermission 15 minutes-        
Remarks Yokohama Nohgakudo
  Masayuki Nakamura
Noh : Daihannya Buddhist priest Sanzo   Seigo Mikuriya
JinjaDaiou   Chitosi Matsuki
          <Guidance of a program>
  kyogen <FUTARI−BAKAMA>
The son-in-law where marriage was decided went to the greeting of the house of the father-in-law.
The son-in-law feels ashamed of going alone and asks an elder brother for the escort .
When arriving at the house of the father-in-law in front of the gate, the son-in-law put on " NAGA-BAKAMA ".
The son-in-law made a greeting a father-in-law.
Tarokaja in the house of the father-in-law talked about that there was an elder brother of the son-in-law in front of the gate to the father-in-law.
The flurried son-in-law goes to greet an elder brother from himself.
There is only one " NAGA-BAKAMA " for the son-in-law who puts on at the wedding hall .
They go to the greeting once again, putting on one piece of " NAGA-BAKAMA " alternately while they say a refuge though.


                   <NAGA-BAKAMA:The clothing for the ritua>
 Sanzohoshi who is known in " Saiyuki " was the story which gets a scripture, riding over the fault of Son-Go-ku and so on and the monster。But Noh " Daihannya " was staged, being since of this work fairly before.

Sanzohoshi leaves Choan and seeks " Daihannyaharamittakyo " and is on the way to Tenjiku via the silk road.
They are a big desert, Ryusaga in Central Asia. The doubtful man appears when the boiling leads.
Sanzohoshi asks how it should cross this river to the man.

The man said that it does " the strong will which popularizes a scripture west is noble. But I lost a life on this river in 7 degrees ". Sanzohoshi was surprised. The man said "I am Jinjadaio,lives in this river".
A man was moved by the posture of the Buddhist priest who has strong will.
The man said, disappearing, telling to give a scripture now.
Hiten appears with the light sound and plays music accompanying traditional Japanese Court dances.
Ryuujin emerged from the wave of the cloud that the valley wind is intense.
Mainly in Sanzohoshi, as for the mountains and rivers, "Jinjadaio" which gives off a dignified appearance, being roughly shocked emerges.The roguery, the devil retreat far and all gods in the whole world emerge.
It swore to read out "Daihannyaharamittakyo " and also to become the palladium of this sutra, saying be always peaceful.
The appearance which the thearchy affects which was unrolled by the big desert is magnificent scenery.


                           The produce  Masaharu Tabigawa

   Asukayama Takiginoh executive committee
Chairman  Shin-ichi Ozaki
Noh Artist Shigeya Kimura started Asukayama Takiginoh.
Mr. Kimura wanted to use his Noh talents as a means of giving back to the city of Kita,his hometown.
Then, the bonfire of Takiginoh was lighted on the Asukayama, and many volunteers became the staff from the neighborhood association in the ward, a local shopping center, and local businesses every year.
Asukayama Park is the place of popular relaxation in the city which is the famous place of a cherry tree and has the merit of a view from the Edo period as your agreement.
Moreover, since Takigi Noh came to be held, subtle and profound [ which is brewed by the bonfire / "subtle and profound" ] can have acquired in Tokyo reputation of being the most wonderful Noh stage. thus, the Noh artist of the present generation very first rank performs by the wonderful Noh stage which is full of the nature in which convenience was high and was surrounded by the grove -- "-- it is the big pride as esidents of Kita-ku that it is fragrant and high cultural event" can be held.

Its best is further done in management suitable on the wonderful stage as an Asukayama Takigi Noh executive committee.
in the future -- guidance -- please encourage.

     In case of rain

   ●The show will be held at HOKUTO-PIA SAKURA hall.
   ●A receptionist stands on Oji JR station, the Asukayama Noh stage, etc.
   ●By the SAKURA hall receptionist, We distribute the following change reserved-seat tickets
     corresponding to a ticket.

  ・The conversion table of the change reserved-seat ticket corresponding to a ticket(PDF)
       SS  S  A  B

  ・SAKURA hall Seating list (PDF)


Guidance to Asukayama Park
    On foot-from JR Keihin Tohoku Line Oji station and the southern entrance 5 minutes
        On foot-from subway Tokyo metro north-south line Oji station exit of No. 1 5 minutes
        On foot-before [ the Toden Arakawa Line Oji station ] or from Asuka mountain stop 5 minutes

  *For those arriving by car,please be aware that parking is not available at the venue.
       *Photography,video and audio reco-ding,watch alarms,and the usu of mobile phones
        are strictly prohibited inside the venue.

       *Preschool-age children will not be permitted admission to venue.
         Reservations / inquires:
      Box Office operators are available by telephone daily from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
      Asukayama Takiginoh Executive Committee Bureau
         TEL03−3821−3378 FAX03−6736−0608 
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