In October 2003, Noh Artist Shigeya Kimura started
  Asukayama Takiginoh.
  Mr. Kimura wanted to use his Noh talents as a means
  of giving back to the city of Kita, his hometown.
  This year marks the group's 15th performance.
  The performances, set on a stage illuminated by
  bonfires and Japanese traditional candles, invite you
  into a twilight world filled with nature and history
       ■ Asukayama Complete view(PDF)
 ・The 16th Asukayama Takigi Noh Guidance It published.
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  About the holding postponement of the Asukayama Takigi Noh of 2020 years.

It takes on the holding of a Asukayama Takigi Noh , it receives the support - the cooperation from around the day and we thank for them very much.

By the way, we decided to postpone holding as follows to prevent from the expansion of the latest Coronaviridae infection about " the Asukayama Tkakigi Noh with the 18th time " to plan to hold on October 1st, 2020.

We feel sorry truly of the thing that the decision became slow.
Anyhow, we request understanding whole-heartedly.

The Asukayama Takigi Noh execution committee repeats the effort not to run out of the light of " the Noh " which our country is proud of for " contribute for the society making which was enriched, making an effort toward the protection of the eclectic Noh culture, incorporating Noh in the community culture and being rich " as the Asukayama Takigi Noh and thinks that it wants to continue business fast.

However, it reviewed, saying it wasn't possible to hold " the prevention of the spray contact-infection " of the latest Coronaviridae infection prevention measure by making an effort in the prevention-of-infection that it will be possible by implementing a measure and health management completely for all to go to the theater surely since announcing of an emergency declaration but considering the status that " the Kita city festival " which is held in Asukayama park the same time became event cancellation, it decided to postpone holding as follows.

We request to wish for everybody's health and happiness and receive custom continuously.

   About the holding schedule with the Asukayama Takigi Noh of 2021 years.

    ・date and time   6:30 p.m., Thursday, October 21st, 2021(start)
    ・place        The inside of Asukayama park - the outdoors stage
       ( In case of the time of the rainy weather: HOKUTOPIA / SAKURA hall )
      Kyougen " Rren " Mansaku Nomura,Mansai Nomura and others.
        Noh " Funabenkei " Sakai Otoga,Sakai Ototaka,Sakai Otoharu and others.
   Asukayama Takiginoh executive committee
Chairman  Kotaroh Oomae
This time
It was elected as the chairman about the general meeting of the holding on April 11th and we were installed.
We know that it wants to do power for the promotion of the culture through the Asukayama firewood ability performance by " the Noh " which Japan is proud of in the world.
We request similar predecessor guide support.
Also, we report because executives were elected as follows and was installed .
 April, 2019    
   Co-president  Mituhiro Koshino
   Co-president  Soya Hayama
  The inspector  Kazunori Kato
   The stage director  Yuuko Suzukiko
  The secretary-general  Sumio Tamura 
  Accounting  Keiko Yakusiji
Guidance to Hokutopia
    On foot-from JR Keihin Tohoku Line Oji station and the southern entrance 1 minutes
        On foot-from subway Tokyo metro north-south line Oji station exit of No. 1  1 minutes
        On foot-before [ the Toden Arakawa Line Oji station ] or from Asuka mountain stop 3 minutes

  *Photography,video and audio reco-ding,watch alarms,and the usu of mobile phones
        are strictly prohibited inside the venue.

       *Preschool-age children will not be permitted admission to venue.
       < In the Asukayama-TakigiNoh, it is possible to use " NOH-SUP " " Earphone-Guide ".>
As for NOH-SUP of this performanceis the service, automatically displayed at the tablet according to the staging .
     It is possible to use a customer for the smart phone and the tablet by downloading ( free of charge )
     a G-marc application and content.( Content offer: Hinoki Shoten :
     Also, in the English guide, we rent an NOH-SUP special use tablet to the desired customer.
     The customer who wants to look at the literature with the personal smart phone download G-marc application
     from the QR code on the left.

     The procedures
     It is possible to enjoy ability more!
     By the performance of the traditional entertainment, the regular Earphone-Guide explains clothing, music,
     an implement and so on clearly according to the progress of the stage.
     For the first time, looking at the Nor, too, is relieved.
     The reputation of the customer is this.

     We conform the reservation of the rent of the Earphone-Guide and the NOH-SUP special use tablet.
     Earphone-Guide( One rental-fee taxes included of 500 yen , the 1000 yen deposit , 400 pieces of limitation )
     NOH-SUP special use tablet( One rental-fee taxes included of 1,000 yen , 50 pieces of limitation )

     The sending address
     E-Mail Fax.03-6736-0608
     Apply for number, an address, a phone number, the name, entering them.
     Thursday, September 13th Come to the rent reception by the time 15 minute before of the start.
     Since then, it becomes invalid in the reservation.


         Reservations / inquires:
      Box Office operators are available by telephone daily from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm.
      Asukayama Takiginoh Executive Committee Bureau
         TEL03-3912-2157 FAX03-6736-0608 
         Presented by Asukayama Takiginoh Executive committee
Association with Kita City,tokyo/Educational Board of Kita City/Kita City Culture Foundation
       Supprted by Arts Council Tokyo,Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
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